Here's The Thing...

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Here's the thing, and by 'thing' I mean context. I have had this domain and site for some time and I mostly used it for email and online payment processing. Now I want to make it a place to share. Share my music and art, sure, but more importantly share what I've learned. Since around 2015 I've been blessed to have accumulated more knowledge than the previous years combined. I've found products and methods and information that have vastly improved my lot in life and with each new discovery I managed to unlock more and more. In just a few years I've learned a ton of new and valuable skills. I now know industries and the inner workings of elaborate systems that I previously did not even know existed. I've described it to some as being similar to what supposed Freemasons supposedly learn. It's like it's.... revealed, secret knowledge. Not that any one piece of info will blow your nips off but it's more about how much of it fits together. I've found so many amazing sources of information and software that have enabled me to build the knowledge and skills that have led to numerous financial and creative opportunities, as well as just plain fun. I have enjoyed sharing what I've learned with my friends and family and now I'm excited to share it with even more people. I'll also begin the process of putting together an extensive list of websites that are simply resources for achieving certain goals. I plan to also do some curation with some well known sites like Github that many might find overwhelming due to the sheer volume of it's content. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to send me any feedback or suggestions.

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